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    New online classes! Join us now!

    Accepting the challenges that this new stage presents globally, we offer the possibility of continuing the yoga practices, as...

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    Therapeutic Yoga Flow series with Daniela

    Exercises taken from “Lotus” series performed in a Therapeutic Yoga Flow class with Daniela. (Instructional video in Spanish)

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    A therapeutic, fluid class…

    The Therapeutic Flow Yoga is an integration of yoga and movement techniques that I´ve been blending over two decades...


Yoga Flow

Yoga Flow is an energetic and organic form based on Vinyasa yoga. Read more…

Yoga Restorative

Restorative yoga is a gentle form based on therapeutic techniques. Read more…

Yoga Outdoors

Enjoy yoga in the park! Read more…

Yoga for Companies

Incorporating yoga into the workplace. Read more

Yoga Flow Palermo Studio Video demo

Yoga Outdoors

Yoga Flow Palermo

Download the flyer for a discount coupon!  Download.

Yoga Outdoors

Download the flyer for a discount coupon! Download.

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