A therapeutic, fluid class…

A therapeutic, fluid class…

The Therapeutic Flow Yoga is an integration of yoga and movement techniques that I´ve been blending over two decades of research, practice and teaching. I came up with this name for my classes because I needed to express a different way of practicing, where the grace and fluidity of the vinyasa flow are integrated with the benefits and individual orientation of the therapeutic body work. Maybe this is not even the correct name to identify my style of teaching, just an approximation.

This fusion, which also distills knowledge of various movement techniques, healing therapies and spiritual traditions, make up a series of concepts and exercises that have helped many of my students over the years -as well as myself, even in the most complex circumstances-. And I have been reported relief and improvement from people with neuralgias, neck and back pain, anxiety, lack of interest in the body, insomnia, stress, poor coordination, poor circulation, gastrointestinal discomfort, etc.

It is important that once you have understood some basic exercises in the class, these are practiced at home regularly, as if it were a matter of learning a new language. Body language also needs its time of assimilation and internalization to be installed in the daily awareness.

Here we see some essential exercises that, performed with calm and conscious breathing, can make the back flexible and prepare the body to perform more fluid and intense movements. Or, they may serve to prevent future contractures and joint stiffness.

Exercises that improve the flexibility of the Spine:


Flexion and extension


Side extension and rotation

Spinal inversions (decompression of vertebrae) and legs up (stimulates circulation)

In short, the practice of a meaningful therapeutic style of yoga performed in a gradual and balanced way can provide us with a series of improvements in our daily life. Basically:

  1. Develop body awareness
  2. Reduce stress and tension
  3. Improve nighttime sleep

This is an activity suitable for young people and adults, people without experience in body awareness, and individuals with certain health conditions. I often notice new students feel somehow intimidated when initiating a yoga practice; they struggle to make a pose and get frustrated and disappointed when meeting their limitations. My classes are designed to help people move safely and to offer them tools to develop a joyful interest for their own bodies, with compassion and a non-judgmental approach.

I hope that this article will inspire and stimulate you to start or continue your practice. The moment is now.

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Daniela Ardalla @ Yoga Flow Palermo



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